Uncleared Air Freight

We are able to send your items from our warehouse in the UK to practically any international airport in the world, with arrival in 7-14 days estimated. Upon arrival at destination, cargo will need to be cleared at the airport by the receiver, or your own agent. A clearance charge, customs duty and any other local charges may also be payable at the destination. This service is excellent for sending commercial goods and larger quantities, as the minimum is often above 25kg to most destinations.

Duty Paid Air Freight

Don’t want the hassle of clearing cargo yourself at the airport? We also offer a duty paid service to some countries, so all you do is pay per kg and collect directly from our agent.

Currently duty paid services available: Malawi (via Emirates or Kenyan / Ethiopian), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, India and Pakistan. View rates below:

How do I get my items in to you?

Sending with Apex couldn’t be easier. There are a few options on getting your items in to us:

Shop and ship with our Purchasing and Mailbox services;

Arrange a collection with our own Apex driver within Leicestershire or from anywhere in the UK via our DHL service (you must have access to a printer for the DHL service);

Drop your items off at our warehouse or office.