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Can I have a discount?

We all love receiving discounts and saving money when we can – who doesn’t? However, here at Apex we are unable to give discount to customers as our prices are not set by us but our suppliers. We can’t reduce our already competitive prices. In addition, our hard working staff put in many hours to make sure your shipments go out on time, so discount discredits the work they do. Please don’t put our staff in an awkward position and ask for a discount when using our services – our staff all need to follow the same protocol so we offer the same fair prices to all our customers.

What items can I send / can't send via air?

View the list here: Sending Items via Air

What items can I send / can't send via sea?

You can send practically anything via sea – there are no exceptions! Just be aware that because of the time it takes to send something by sea, food has to have long expiry dates so it doesn’t get spoilt. We don’t generally recommend sending food on our sea freight services, so you send this at your own risk if you choose to do so.

What’s the handling fee on your Door To Door services?

This is the fee that helps cover our interaction with the agent and the basic handling of your goods. It can include the basic wrapping of your item too.

I'm only sending 2kg to Malawi. Why are you charging me for 5kg?

This is because the minimum to send via air is 5kg; even if you are sending less, you will always get charged for 5kg.

Do I have to pay duties and custom charges?

Unless you are sending using our Duty Paid / Door To Door services, you may have to pay duties and custom charges, depending on which service you are using and where you are sending to – we are unable to tell you the exact amount as this is decided once the package has arrived in its final destination.

Can I pack my own items?

Of course! See our packing page for tips on how to pack in the most efficient and safest way. Please note that to send on our Malawi Duty Paid air service, boxes have to be shrink wrapped. If these aren’t, we will do this for you and charge accordingly.

Why do you charge for packing?

Our packing service involves a lot of care and attention  – we take pride in our packing standard, skills and knowledge. We consider each item and package individually and our staff know the best and most efficient ways to pack items of all sizes and weight. It’s important to consider the amount of labour that goes into packing each box. We secure fragile items with bubble wrap and add air pockets to minimise damage, we use tape to secure lids so nothing gets opened during transit and we shrink wrap boxes for added security. We also use our own labels that are tailored to your package, and we use industry standard equipment to ensure your packages are wrapped and packed securely. Lastly, we pack your items to ensure there is as little volume weight as possible, and we advise you on how to reduce this so you are making the most of the space.

Do you sell packing material?

Yes – you can purchase bubble wrap and tape from us from our office, and you can purchase boxes from both our warehouse and office.

What is volume weight?

Please view this guide to help you understand volume weight: What is Volume Weight?

How long do DHL, TNT and UPS take to deliver?

Courier services take around 3-5 working days. Currently, delays are expected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; we will be in touch if your parcel happens to get delayed.

Where can I track my package?

If you are sending with us via DHL, you can track your package here. Otherwise, we will be in touch with you via WhatsApp on when you can expect your package and/or any delays. On our air and sea services, we send all of our customers’ cargo together, so we are unable to send tracking due to GDPR protection laws.

What does remote area, restricted or elevated risk mean with DHL?

Remote area: An area where there isn’t a DHL office or where DHL don’t normally deliver to, hence an additional £25 surcharge.
Elevated risk: Surcharge applies when shipping to a destination country where DHL is operating at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism, and is surcharged at a rate of £25.
Restricted destination: A surcharge is applied when shipping to a country with trade restrictions imposed by the UN security council.
Exporter Validation: Surcharge for countries that are subject to trade restrictions imposed by the European Union. Include: Afghanistan, Belarus, Lebanon, Myanmar, Zimbabwe.

Why do I need the receiver's ID for certain services and countries?

This is a requirement by that countries customs; for example, India has a ‘Know Your Customer’ policy. The name on the waybill must match that of the receiver’s ID.

Why do some countries cost more than others when it’s the same DHL service worldwide?

DHL charge according to the ‘zone’ the country falls in. To send to a country within the EU would be cheaper to send than to say China. They take into consideration the fuel surcharge, and price accordingly.

Can I send cremated ashes?

Unfortunately, this is classed as human remains and must be sent with a specialist company.

How can I leave a review?

To leave a review on Google, please visit: https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=ChIJIZTJ7Dhhd0gRtyQjIMVx4E4, or you can leave a review on Facebook by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/apexcargoltd/reviews/?ref=page_internal. Please note we may use your review for marketing purposes – you may tell us if you aren’t happy for your review to be used.

How do I raise a complaint?

We are sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with our service. To raise a complaint, you can email us on info@apexcargo.com, call us on 0116 254 0480, visit our office on 93 Evington Road, Leicester, LE2 1QH, or message us on social media.

Can I work for you?

Yes! View our latest vacancies here.