Our Packing Rates:

View the images opposite for our packing rates. Why do we charge for packing? Our packing service involves a lot of care and attention  – we take pride in our packing standard, skills and knowledge. We consider each item and package individually and our staff know the best and most efficient ways to pack items of all sizes and weight. It’s important to consider the amount of labour that goes into packing each box. We secure fragile items with bubble wrap and add air pockets to minimise damage, we use tape to secure lids so nothing gets opened during transit and we shrink wrap boxes for added security. We also use our own labels that are tailored to your package, and we use industry standard equipment to ensure your packages are wrapped and packed securely. Lastly, we pack your items to ensure there is as little volume weight as possible, and we advise you on how to reduce this so you are making the most of the space.

Asking for a discount on packing charges discredits the hard work put in by our staff to ensure your items get to you safely.

Prefer to pack yourself?

Not a problem! When sending cargo abroad it’s essential that if you are packing yourself, you do so in a safe condition. Remember, your goods will be making a long journey! To ensure your cargo arrives in the condition that it was sent in, you must take great care and patience in the materials you use and the way you pack.

Tip 1: Use high quality brown tape, ideally Vibac tape. This tape has worked wonders for us for years now! Cheap tapes don’t have a strong enough adhesive to hold over long periods of time in varying temperature, conditions and when being constantly handled.

Tip 2: When selecting a carton, don’t use old crisp boxes or other single walled cartons. They tend to open from the sides and lose shape as well rip and tear with the slightest of impact. There’s danger that the contents will tear out through the box if it gets turned to the side.

Tip 3: Regardless of the carton you use, ensure all edges are taped up, along with the seams and staples.

Tip 4: Don’t pack all your light items in one box – split the load evenly over all of your boxes so you don’t get charged volume weight. Pack the heavy stuff at the bottom and light items at the top. Remember to also put arrows on the box indicating which side up the box should be transported.

View bonus packing tips opposite, with information about the best way to pack specific items.