RORO is an acronym for Roll On Roll Off. This service is used to send cars and other vehicles to various countries. It really is what it says, vehicles are rolled onto a ship and rolled off once at the required destination.

Our specialist routes are East and South Africa, however we serve all RORO accepting ports across the world. The process for sending a vehicle is simple – all we need is a copy of the vehicle registration document and the details of the sender and the receiver. View the last slide of the gallery below to view all the details we need from you.

You can also view below the rates for saloon and 4×4 vehicles; we can also send vans, trucks and truck heads. To find out the rates for these types of vehicles, we need the details and dimensions of the vehicle. Contact us today for a quote with all those details ready.

Measuring your vehicle:

When measuring your vehicle you must take into account the widest and tallest points of the vehicle. We will require the length, width and height of the vehicle in meters. The calculation of how to work out the cubic volume of a vehicle is:

length x width x height (in meters)

For example, a truck with dimensions of 12m x 2.5m x 4m = 120 cubic meters. Roof racks, spoilers, air intakes or air conditioning units must be included in the total measurements but to save on volume charges you can remove them before shipping – it’ll save you money.