How Shop and Ship Works

How to Shop and Ship

Initiate your engagement by contacting us with your purchase intentions and personal details. This foundational step ensures precise alignment with your requirements. 

Subsequently, we'll facilitate your experience by setting up a dedicated account within a WhatsApp group, connecting you directly with the Apex team for streamlined communication.


How to Shop and Ship

Once onboarded, you're empowered to commence your purchasing. Kindly notify us of your acquisitions, ensuring we're primed to receive and process your items efficiently.

As each item reaches our facility, our dedicated warehouse team meticulously photographs them, guaranteeing precision and transparency in item handling and verification.


How to Shop and Ship

When you're poised to proceed, simply give us the nod. Our Apex warehouse team will then consolidate all your acquisitions into a singular package, ensuring efficient and secure packaging.

Your consolidated items are dispatched to your designated destination. Following this, expect an invoice from us, typically arriving within a span of 1 to 3 days, streamlining your financial tracking.



How to Shop and Ship

You'll receive your package. It's simple: either it arrives at your doorstep or you can pick it up from the nearest local office, airport, or our agent's location.

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