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Mini Portable Plastic Heat Bag Sealer

Mini Portable Plastic Heat Bag Sealer

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1. It can heat-seal the plastic bag well, effectively seal it, and play the role of keeping the food dry from moisture and dust.

2. The operation is simple and fast, the size is small, and it is easy to carry.

3. High efficiency, low loss, and quick sealing of the bag mouth.


1. Material: high quality ABS material, resistant to high and low temperature, non-toxic and durable

2. Size: A style(9.7*4cm), B style(9.7*3cm)

3. Color: white, pink, blue, yellow

4. Power Supply: 1.5V, 2 AA batteries, only alkaline batteries can be used.


1. Insert 2 AA batteries.

2. Unlock the protective cover to the lower position.

3. Press the sealing machine to preheat for about 5 seconds.

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