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Wireless Electric Whisk First Choice For Baking Experts

Wireless Electric Whisk First Choice For Baking Experts

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High Rotation Rate :With a rotation rate of 19000 RPM, this milk frother can quickly and efficiently froth milk for your coffee or latte.

• Handheld Design :The handheld design of this milk frother makes it easy to use and control, allowing you to create the perfect froth for your drinks.

• Battery Powered :This milk frother is powered by batteries, making it convenient to use anywhere without needing to be near a power outlet.

• Stand Included :The included stand allows you to easily store your milk frother when not in use, keeping it clean and organized.

Hand Blender electric egg beater milk frother handheld, mini electric drink mixer foamer with stand for coffee lattes

Product Parameter

1. Product name: Egg beater

2. Material :ABS + 304 stainless steel

3. Body size :225x30x30mm

4. Single package size :260x71x71mm(with bracket size)

5. Weight per package :170g

6. Speed :19000rpm

7. Motor power :1.5-2.5W

8. Output voltage: DC3V 0.5A

9. Battery life about 2 hours (idle time)

Product Peatures

1.Handheld Milk Frother is made of a non-slip ABS plastic handle and safe 304 stainless steel whisks.

2.Create Barista-Quality Foam at Home: Our handheld milk frother helps you achieve rich, creamy foam for your latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate in seconds.

3.Versatile Mixing Capabilities: Unlike manual matcha whisks or traditional forks, our milk frother works better for making matcha tea and coffee.

4.Whether it's milk, protein shake, cereal, egg liquid, coffee, fruit juice, or hot chocolate, you can use this mixer to stir them. No manual mixing or bulky mixer is required. This is a perfect gift for a cooking lover !

5.The rod is very sturdy. When you clean the whisk, just put it into the water and turn it on to achieve immediate cleaning!

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